Vertical Solutions

Transport & Logistics Solutions

The biggest advantage of introducing automation to a company is that it reduces manpower. Automation also saves material & energy and boosts the process in terms of quality, accuracy and precision. This same principle of automation, to decrease labor time spent on manual entry say, for example, in the process of planning the movement of procured and sold goods in the supply chain, also known as logistics solutions, helps decrease costs and impact the bottom line, all while decreasing error and improving overall customer service.Our logistics solutions and transport segment provides customizable applications and backend services for transport and logistics. Our logistics solutions include barcode scanning software, which deliver high performance, accuracy, speed & efficiency in barcode / RFID scanners, tablets and wearable devices.


  • Supports various platforms like Windows, IOS and Android
  • Can be Integrated with Industrial Smartphones, Tablets and Wearable
  • Customizable Software Solution
  • Easy Integration with various DBMS / RDBMS
  • Supports HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Efficient Design & Development and Easy Integration.
  • Reduce Cost and Increase Premium Quality
  • Less Maintenance or Updates.
  • Reduces Business and Implementation Risk.

  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Work In process Tracking.
  • Physical Inventory Count.
  • Integrated Wireless Communication Solution.