Vertical Solutions

Government Solutions

Raj Barcode’s Barcode / RFID based solution for the Government Segment provides accurate and secure data that can be served to the public. We provide solution to multiple types of government branches and entities – like state welfare for both hardware & software. We aim to provide cost effective & reliable solutions for RFID and barcode systems for our government partners. We have expertise in tracking solutions of any kind. Our solution effectively utilizes the resources and having a high connectivity that delivers expected results. We provide customizable solutions for various government schemes.


  • Speed response times to emergencies.
  • Synchronize diverse teams of service workers.
  • Access critical support data in the field.
  • Improve location and travel efficiency with GPS and supporting applications.
  • Reduce need for cumbersome paperwork and redundant data entry in the field.

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction.
  • Improved operational efficiencies.
  • Integration, scalability and reliability.
  • Real-time visibility and decision support.

  • Physical Inventory Count.
  • Traceability Solution.
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Asset Tracking System.