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Chemical Solutions

Our chemical inventory tracking solutions based on Barcode / RFID collect data efficiently and instantly and hence raise the bars of safety standards in the chemical industry. They help you to cut costs, improve operational efficiency and make your decisions faster yet better.With the expansion of the scale of chemical plants management is facing common problems such as, how to reduce the storage, manage the production, reduce staff experience dependence. Barcode automatic identification technology application, can be a good solution to the chemical industry data entry and fine management. Raj Barcode has many years of barcode information technology practice, combined with ERP system integration which provides a perfect chemical barcode solutions. Explore our chemical barcode solutions here.


  • Enable track the chemicals to the pallet, drum, case, or even unit level.
  • Identify chemicals that are corrosive, ignitable, toxic and even expired.
  • Provides the tools to respond quickly and cost effectively.


  • Increases Inventory Accuracy.
  • Less Data Entry Time.
  • Less Data Entry Errors.
  • Real-time Visibility.

  • Batch / Process Manufacturing.
  • Lab Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Material Management.