Core Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions

Barcode & RFID Asset Tracking system involves the use of barcoding to code each and every fixed asset that an organization wants to mange and track. The codes are entered into a PC module which can then be used to record an asset’s movement and performance, from purchase to disposal, and to generate reports on the same. During relocation, the barcoded asset is tracked using a HandHeld Terminal.This datais then updated in the PC Module. The technology used is simple yet powerful and allows the organization to have complete control over various type of assets, big or small.

Major Module
  • Asset Creation
  • Asset Allocation & Asset Relocation
  • Asset Audit
  • Inter-Company Transfer of Asset
  • Asset Maintenancet
  • Gate Pass Module with workflow for approval
  • Integration with SAP or ERP systemt
  • Map with Fixed Asset Register of the company
  • Consumable Management

Advantages of Fixed Assets Tracking
  • Saves time,effort and money on auditting tasks.
  • Wasted,Unutilized assets can be redeployed usefully or sold.
  • Allows for informed Assets replacement planningwithout wastages.
  • Accurate information on warranties and therefore, control on service levels and costs.
  • Staff monitoring & guidance – optimal staff dispatching and performance monitoring.
  • Increased asset & equipment visibility – increased productivity.
  • Asset & event management – faster reaction to inventory arrival and dispatching events.
  • Workflow Management – Better Staff and Equipment Utilization.

  • Maintains fixed asset inventories with location and allocation details
  • Facilitates Asset Audit
  • Integrated barcode asset tag printing
  • Maintains AMC,Warranty,Depreciation and Maintenance details with reminder
  • Windows Mobile and Pocket PC portable barcode reader support
  • Variety Of MIS Reportd
  • Wireless support