Case Study


“Improve Control – Increase Visibility

Leading Ceramic Manufacturer in India wantsdetection of irregularities during the whole process of manufacturing followed by corrective measures. After deliberating on various options, they decided to go ahead with Work in Process-Tracking Solution offered by Raj Barcode Systems


  • Auser-friendly scanning solution with multi-tasking capability.
  • Reduction in waste & optimize the production process.
  • Manage the life cycle of moulds.
  • Being specialized labour intensive activity visibility on productivity and training needs is must.
  • High temperatures, aggressive chemicals & mechanical abuse.

The Solutions

To overcome challenges, the company adapted Work in Process-Tracking Solution offered by Raj Barcode.

Working of Solution

Through the solution provided, each casting is given a unique identification where on shop floor each casting is scanned & each activity performed is captured along with the resources utilized through Mobile Computer.Production Stages includes Drying, Glazing, Body Checking, Physical Inspection, Fire, Rework etc. In final inspection to enter defects and its reason, Touch Screen with Multi-Lingual Fonts is used.

Mould is also given unique identification and its life cycle is tracked in the system by counting a number of casting done from a particular mould.

The incentive is calculated on the basis of the fineflow offewer products produced by the worker. Confirmation of work done is also given to the workers through the mobile printer.

The Results

Raj Barcode Solution’s user-friendlytracking system helped the client to trace & monitor the whole predefined manufacturing procedure. The system helped the company to discover each product by direct cost or indirect cost associated at each production stage and optimize the manufacturing operations. The automated solution ensures accurate recording and transferring of data. The system is flexible to operate and is scalable.

System Components

  • Middleware Server Software
  • Hand Held Terminals Software
  • Barcode Printer
  • Hand Held Terminals
  • Industrial Touch PC
  • Ceramic Label

Solution Highlights

  • The system shows real-time semi-finished goods at various stages and expected time to complete the Production.
  • Specialized barcode tags used which can resist 1400 Centigrade temperature.
  • The system allows trend analysis that helps to know the root cause of the defect.
  • The system shows the productivity of the worker and helps in incentive calculation.


  • Optimize reliability and improves efficiency
  • Know production cost.
  • Visibility of stock.
  • Calculate the productivity of the worker.
  • Understanding training needs.