Case Study

Meter Reading

A leading PNG Gas distribution company supplying gas for commercial & domestic use experienced a requirement of error proofing meter reading and invoicing activity.


  • A meter reading solution compatible with a variety of handheld devices
  • To compete in a constantly growing market with optimum productivity and minimum cost
  • Reduction in meter reading errors & duplicate work
  • Reduce turnaround time of Order Taking and Processing
  • Efficient and accurate meter reading in constantly changing the harsh environment
  • The high rate of turnover of Contractual Meter Readers

The Solutions

To overcome challenges, the company adapted Field Mobility Solution offered by Raj Barcode

Working of Solution

Through the solution provided, all the meters will be given a unique barcode followed by pushing of Customers data HHT provided by Raj Barcode. Field worker will scan meter barcode first where the system will display customer and its contact details. Then he will enter meter reading followed by taking a picture of the meter directly from the application.Thus Customer details and its meter reading data would be embedded in the form of an optimized image where these images and scanned information would be printed on the invoice. The system can be directly integrated with SAP and can be further upgraded for posting transactions online over the cellular network.

The Results

Raj Barcode Solution’s user-friendly devices helped the client to outsource meter reading activity efficiently and accurately without errors. The automated solution ensures recording and transferring accurate data reading. Due to less dependency on human,the system is flexible to operate and is scalable.

Solution Components

  • Mobile Device & PC Software
  • Barcode Printer
  • Industrial Hand Held Terminals

System Integrations

  • Integration with SAP

Solution Highlights

  • Accuracy in overall operations
  • Reduction in invisible cost pertaining to order taking errors
  • Captures images on the field for the authenticity
  • Streamlines the capture & delivery of billing information


  • Optimize reliability and improved efficiency
  • Minimize meter reading errors and boost productivity
  • Reduction in discrepancies& increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduced reading-billing-collection cycle
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork