Case Study

Manufacturing – Andon System

A leading air compressor manufacturing company experienced a requirement of automated monitoring system & Takt board for error proofing and systematic information flow of the process to reduce downtime.


  • In case of problem, Delay in informing the responsible personnel i.e. slow flow of information
  • Manual monitoring process due to which there is waste of time & resources in corrective actions.
  • It highlights the location as well as nature of the problem.

The Solutions

To overcome the above challenges, the company adapted the Andon System provided by Raj Barcode.

Working of Solution

  • As the materials are passed on the conveyor line, the count is maintained.
  • PLC outputs light signal to Tower light. (Speaker can also be used).
  • PLC maps data into to the server via application software.
  • A complete Stand Alone Takt and Andon system for displaying the number of ACTUAL units produced, various monitoring parameters &
    alerts. The system makes you grasp the production backlog, clarify the losses and the important process of continuous improvement is started.

The Result

Raj Barcode’s user friendly solution helped the client to carry out bottleneck analysis of the plant efficiently. Automated detecting of products, logging of data and transferring it to the server made the monitoring process simpler and hence reducing the manual work. The system is now capable to streamline the process and stimulate the information flow effectively.

Solution Components

  • PLC
  • Sensors
  • PC & Our Software

Solution Highlights

  • It alerts the personnel immediately on occurrence of a problem, thus allowing prompt fixing of the problem.
  • It allows effective monitoring of equipment and personnel.
  • It lets the personnel carryout bottleneck analysis effectively.
  • It highlights the location as well as nature of the problem & stimulates the flow of information thus minimize the efforts required for conveying information.


  • Improve transparency
  • Encourage immediate reaction to problems.
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen flexibility
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Save costs and time