Case Study

Inventory Tracking for Pharmaceuticals

A leading Generic Drug Manufacturer in India, exporting to US and European Market has to implement traceability solution for Raw Material & Packing Material Warehouse following 21CFR Standards. After deliberating on various options, they decided to go ahead withthe Inventory Traceability Solution offered by Raj Barcode systems.


  • Avoid issuance of wrong material to Dispensing Room
  • Track & update the quality status of material with its weight
  • Track Retest & Expired Material
  • Implementation of FEFO (First Expiry First Out)
  • Tracing of the physical location of Material
  • Reduction of Human Errors
  • Integration with JD Edwards ERP System

The Solutions

To overcome challenges, the company adopted the Inventory Traceability Solution offered by Raj Barcode.

Working of Solution

Through the solution provided, as soon as the material is unloaded, GRN entry in Barcode System followed by generation of Barcode Label. Received material would be stacked in Warehouse where its location would be captured through HHT. Quality Status of material remains “Under Test” until QC Sampling is done. The material would be shown available for Issuance if QC approves the same but if it rejects then Quality Status would turn to “Reject” that cannot be issued to dispensing. Production planning team prepares work order and as per BOM/Recipe Pick List would be generated on FIFO basis along with Picking Location Information. The material would be scanned through HHT followed by issuance to production.

The Results

Raj Barcode Solution’s user-friendly traceability system helped the client to trace & monitor the whole predefined manufacturing procedure. The automated solution ensures recording and transferring accurate data. Due to less dependency on human, the system is flexible to operate and is scalable. The system follows 21CFR Rules.

System Components

  • Middleware Server Software
  • Hand Held Terminals Software
  • Barcode Printer
  • Hand Held Terminals
  • Industrial Touch PC

Solution Highlights

  • The system facilitates Branch to branch transfer & Code to code transfer
  • The system facilitates Reset Activity & Reset Label Generation
  • The system facilitates Weighing & Dispensing along with Material return from dispensing room
  • The system allows audit trail analysis that
  • The system is designed as per 21CFR Validation


  • Optimize reliability and improves efficiency
  • Follows Regulatory requirements
  • Traceability and Visibility of stock
  • Reduction in duplicate work & human errors
  • Transparency in operation