Case Study

Case Study Food Industries

A leading ice cream manufacturer in India experienced increasing demand for the product followed by operational challenges with respect to F.G. Inventory and Dispatch Accuracy.


  • Ice creams being consumers product regularly demands variety in the form of flavours & sizes.
  • Being perishable,food product quality assurance and batch trace ability was a must
  • To compete in a constantly growing market with optimum productivity and minimum cost
  • Reduction in dispatch errors with constant change in schemes and sizes

The Solutions

To overcome challenges, the company adapted Barcode Trace ability Solution offered by Raj Barcode

Working of Solution

Through the solution provided, cold storage inward of the stock is done automatically where production count given by the barcode system is considered as an input for production confirmation in SAP followed by pulling over Sales Order Data. It follows wave picking for pulling materials from cold storage. Once the material is picked, sorting and allocation to the conveyor line are done through a barcode system. At dispatch dock, each item is automatically scanned through Fixed Mount Scanners and sensors integrated with Conveyor Line PLC, where system verifies the intended material is loaded in the truck. In case of any discrepancy,the system stops the conveyor line. It allows multiple sales orders in a single truck following LIFO method.

The Results

Raj Barcode Solution helped the client to utilise the existing workforce to achieve growth targets with an increase in productivity and reduced dispatch errors. The automated solution ensures a reduction in ageing stock. It is flexible to operate with regularly changing schemes where control is a must. It controls the dispatch of restricted batch too.

Solution Components

  • PC and HHT Software
  • Barcode Printer
  • Hand Held Terminals
  • Conveyor Mount Scanners

System Integrations

  • Conveyor Mount Scanners
  • Integration with SAP

Solution Highlights

  • Production confirmation in SAP from Barcode System
  • SKU, Batch and cold storage wise availability of stock
  • Accuracy in overall operations
  • Reduction in invisible cost pertaining to stock ageing and dispatch errors
  • Physical Inventory Count


  • Increased Dispatch accuracy
  • Reduction in Dispatch Time
  • Zero Dispatch Errors
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Reduction in Ageing Stock
  • Reduction in Stock Variance